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Firstly, what exactly are Pharmaceuticals? Well, pharmaceutical drugs are chemicals that are not found anywhere in nature and are therefore not considered an essential or conditionally essential nutrient in the human diet but are believed to have beneficial health effects.

It is important to note that I am not opposed to synthetic pharmaceutical drugs. They play an important role in emergency, trauma, acute, and end of life medicine. But, I do believe that natural medicines can be appropriate  and beneficial in these areas at times. I also believe that natural medicines can often be superior in chronic health issues. At times it is the combination of synthetic and natural medicines that work best.
So, it is also important to note that it is due pharmaceutical being synthetically synthesised that, in many cases and irrespective of our overall knowledge and capabilities,  the side effects and other complications and inadequacies relative to these substances are not able to be fully controled. By their definded actions all synthetic pharaceuticals have potential side-effects.
Although many pharmaceuticals will be able to be replaced by our nutritional supplement based treatments, we feel that it is very important for it to be known that, unlike much of the alternative therapies industry, our mission is not one of intentionally trying to rid the world of pharmaceutical drugs nor pharmaceutical companies – or, for that matter, any other biotechnology related entities! But we do want to greatly reduce their use.

Our aim is to produce and prescribe products and services that will better serve, as a whole and in a highly productive and positive manner, the general health needs of the human race.

One highly noted and accepted shortcoming in the use of many pharmaceuticals is that they result in nutritional deficiencies (due to various reasons – this is commonly referred to as Pharmaceutical-Induced Nutritional Deficiencies). This not only lends to specific nutritional deficiencies occurring from the use of pharmaceuticals but also to the unavailability of substrates and/or cofactors for the drugs to influence and/or to be influenced upon, thus reducing both the effectiveness and the longevity of the drugs themselves and/or the metabolites that they help produce and/or reduce.

Combining specific nutritional supplements
with specific drugs major improvements to already existing treatments can be achieved (and this will be especially useful for circumstances requiring an 'extra edge' and/or an extra boost and/or a reduction in ill-effects).

Our initial investigations into the combination of specific nutraceuticals
with specific pharmaceuticals in order to prevent the relevant deficiencies and other related complications and inadequacies that can occur from the use of pharmaceuticals has thus far demonstrated significant potentiation and longevity of such treatments as well as substantially reducing any relevant side effects and toxicity rates.

Examples, in general, of where pharmaceuticals will still play a vital role include:
  • anaesthetics (especially general anaesthetics)
  • nerve blocking agents
  • emergency medicines
  • certain surgical medicines
  • certain viral, bacterial and parasitic infections (and especially where highly resistant and/or aggressive strains are involved)
  • aggressive cancers and at least some types of hard to treat cancers in general
  • acute allergic reactions
  • in cases whereby genetic or other general biological conditions do not allow for the proper utilisation of certain nutrients (for example, as is the case with conditions such as Phenylketonuria (PKU) in relation to the use of phenylalanine – thus, phenylalanine (and some of the other dopamine intermediaries) would need to be replaced with something like l-dopa for some of our nutraceutical based treatments).
Thus, pharmaceutical products will still have an important role to play and especially for certain emergency situations, surgical procedures and for severe cases where an 'extra edge' is required.
With the pushing of synthetic pharmaceuticals, the pharmaceuticals industry stands to make more money than ever before.
In fact, it is both important and interesting to note that pharmaceuticals drugs are now the leading cause of death in developed countries! Yes, that's right, more people die from using pharmaceuticals than what do from cancer, heart disease, diabetes and so on.

For those who do not already know this, most pharmaceuticals are in fact just either full or partial replicas of nutritional substances and other substances found in our bodies. And, the only reason that most pharmaceutical substances currently work much better than nutraceutical
substances is because they are generally prescribed in sub-lethal dosages that forcibly push the body to do what is desired by taking them!

It is for all of these reasons that pharmaceuticals substances
why they have so many side effects and are so potentially lethal.  As such, millions of people worldwide are hospitalised each year due to due to complications arising from overdoses of these products!

However, with our capabilities to use and make all types of products (nutraceutical and phytoceutical
) far more safer and effective but we can also make them far more efficient. What this means is that, in many instances, far lower dosages can be taken yet with the same or even better therapeutic effects!

So, although many current pharmaceutical drugs will be replaced by our nutritional supplements based treatments, the industry will continue to thrive and survive due to being able to forge a whole new era of synthetic drugs.
At the end of the day, it is important to note that all we are truly striving to achieve is that of serving both the industry and consumers in a manner that will help to provide for far more highly advanced and superior treatments and that are also far more safer and highly effective! So, I don't know about you but as for me I want to limit my use of synthetic drugs and chose natural when apporpriate, which is most of the time. And when using synthetic drugs, lifestyle medicine should always be part of the plan.