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Firstly, what exactly are Nutraceuticals (also known as Nutritional Supplements)? Well, nutraceuticals are any plant or animal derived chemical that is considered to be an essential or conditionally essential nutrient in the human diet and is therefore believed to have beneficial health effects.

As such, nutraceuticals are inherently bionatural components of the human diet and they can be used to supplement human nutrition so as to promote human health by way of amplifying specifically relevant bodily functions.

It has always been known that one day nutritional supplements would replace most, if not all,
pharmaceutical drugs as well as many other treatment methods, or, at the very least, become a profound and significant assistor to that of conventional medicine.

In fact, the thing that most people in the general public do not realise is that what most all
pharmaceutical drugs, as well as many other biotechnologies (including phytoceuticals and zooceuticals), actually do is to simply merely mimic the natural functions of nutritional substances and/or other substances naturally occurring in our bodies.

Indeed, it is both important and interesting to note that, as is again also the case with
phytoceuticals and zooceuticals, many pharmaceutical products are in fact simply just either full or slightly altered replicas of many nutritionally sourced substances.

Now, in respect to the use of nutritional substances (including both essential and conditionally essential nutrients), the only problem to date has been in trying to work out how to actually make nutritional supplements work to the same extent as what
pharmaceuticals and other conventional methods do, and thus make them also work as highly effectively medicines.

Well, we have now resolved this problem and, as a result, we have been in the process of developing many new and/or advanced
treatment methods and formulas for a vast array of medical conditions – and many more can be, will be and are being developed.

our newly discovered metabolic networks, our Our Metabolic Amplification Platform Technology and many other proprietary breakthrough understandings not only have we now discovered how to make pharmaceutical drugs work far more effectively, efficiently and safely but we have also discovered how to make nutritional supplements work just as good as, and in many instances better than, that of most all pharmaceuticals!

And, the same also applies, to varying degrees, to that of both
phytoceutical and zooceutical products.

So far we have found that all side effects and many other complications and inadequacies can generally be prevented from all 100% organic bionatural nutritional products but this is not always as profoundly so for
pharmaceuticals, phytoceuticals, zooceuticals, synthetic nutrients and so on. The only reason for this is simply that the human body is designed to run on only the most organic and bionatural substances and anything less will simply just not work as good.

Nonetheless, we do strongly recognise the need for
pharmaceuticals, phytoceuticals and zooceuticals – especially, for example, where an 'extra edge' is required to fight serious or highly progressed illnesses. Having said this, numerous major advancements in pharmaceuticals (as well as phytoceuticals and zooceuticals) will also be able to be achieved, including the formal establishment of the proper incorporation of combination therapy in relation to synergistically infusing western medicine with complementary and alternative medicine (of which we have already commenced establishing).

What's more, many other major advancements in combination therapy will also be able to be achieved in relation to combining complementary and alternative medicine with other conventional biotechnologies.

Our initial investigations into combination therapies has thus far demonstrated significant potentiation of such treatment methods.

In fact, the average success rate for in-human trials of nutritional supplement and/or
phytoceutical and/or zooceutical based treatments is currently about a mere 6%. However, our current success rate is over 90%!

Essentially, our discoveries and developments are going to greatly revolutionise the way that we conduct both biomedicine and its research. Our discoveries and developments will also have profound affects on other fields of biotechnology and biology in general, as well as also the health, nutrition and fitness industries in general.

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