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5 Secret Symptoms of a Thyroid Disorder

While about 15 million Americans have unrecognized thyroid issues — mostly subclinical hypothyroidism — women have 10 times the risk of men. Uncovering thyroid issues can be tricky even when you're suffering from weight gain, cold sensitivity, deep fatigue or other well-known thyroid symptoms. It's even more difficult when you suspect something isn't quite right with your thyroid, but your doctor says "you're fine".

I did not fit the typical person who has a thyroid problem I guess. For years I suffered from constipation, hives, I went totally dumb mentally, my periods were super irregular and I kept thinking maybe it is my thyroid. My primary said no your fine and kept giving me prescription skin creams with steroids and prescribed an anti depressant. When I went back for a follow up nothing had changed so he increased my anti depressant.

I heard about Dr Saylor from the nurse at my primary care office and went to see him. He understood exactly what I was saying. He put me on his plan for thyroid and my hives went away, my digestion is better and I am with it again mentally. I even stopped my anti depressants! Mary in Clearwater, FL

Investigating your thyroid health

Here's the first clue to help you put it all together: our experience shows that women who suffer from one common symptom are often experiencing 3–4 lesser–known symptoms that also signal hypothyroidism, or sluggish thyroid.

When you suspect you have a thyroid issue, consider the symptoms you've had for a while that you may have thought were caused by something else. Thyroid issues and the symptoms they cause frequently start small and get worse as your metabolism continues to slow down. They can sometimes affect you and the way you live for years before you finally track down the source of the problem and find relief. Many women have thyroid tests that show "normal" hormone levels, but they still suffer from symptoms.

And, you may not realize that the thyroid plays an active part in almost every system of your body, so it's key take the whole-body perspective when looking for both signs and solutions.

5 secret symptoms of hypothyroidism

1. Skin symptoms
Yellowing of palms and soles of the feet — this happens when beta-carotene builds up without enough thyroid hormone to convert it to vitamin A.
Psoriasis (skin redness and itching)

2. Skeletal & muscular symptoms

Muscle aches or spasms

Joint pain

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Psoriatic arthritis

3. Mental symptoms

Mental dullness

Deeper depression, melancholy feelings

4. Reproductive symptoms


Menstrual irregularities including absence of periods, infrequent periods or abnormally heavy periods

Menstrual cramps

Milky-white nipple discharge which isn't related to breast feeding

5. Digestive symptoms

Constipation or hard bowel movements every two days at most. Severe cases may look like intestinal obstruction

A thyroid solution for your whole body

One of the most effective whole–body approaches for subclinical thyroid issues is the use of vitamins, minerals and herbs that naturally support normal thyroid function, maintain thyroid hormone production and support healthy thyroid cell metabolism. The phytotherapeutic , part of our Gr8Life Program for Thyroid, is formulated with a blend of traditional ingredients and cutting–edge herbs shown to help reduce thyroid imbalance and the symptoms that go along with it.

As you pin down your symptoms, keep in mind that low thyroid issues are often underdiagnosed and can range from mild to severe hypothyroidism, for which you may want to talk with us. If you're suspicious you have a thyroid problem, we encourage you to give us a call at 727-938-9966.