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Did You Know Stress Can Make You Fat

Your job is in jeopardy, the credit-card bills are mounting, air conditioner needs replacing, your teenager wants to quit school and become a rock star, your new coworker is a real jerk, and you get caught by every red light.  Maybe you are only getting 4 to 5 hours sleep a night.  Or maybe it's the increasing tensions in the world, brought to you 24 hours a day on your TV screen, getting you down. 


In our modern life, most of us experience ongoing daily stress and are never really relaxed.   Our fight or flight system is constantly engaged.

Watching What You Eat - Even Exercising

Can't Take the Weight Off - Can't Keep It Off

We all have heard of the fight or flight response.  This is a built in system to help us survive during times of danger.  Danger equals stress. So, this system is activated during times of stress.  It was designed to help us escape danger or to fight.  This was great for escaping or fighting the wild animals thousands of years ago. Under times of stress our adrenal glands release a chemical called cortisol in higher levels to cause physiological changes in our body that allows us to escape the perceived danger or to fight.   After escaping or fighting off the danger, we would have a down time to rest, eat and recover. Today our bodies engage in a much more dangerous engagement than wild animals. It is the constant low to mid-level insidious stress were face daily.  In the beginning this produces higher levels of cortisol being released causing a hyper state and later the system can’t recover enough to keep up and we have lower levels of cortisol. Although today the source of the stress is more likely to be an unpaid bill than a wild animal, our system still responds to the stressor by activating a series of hormones that produces the same long term effect.

This system works great when our stress comes in the form of a real physical danger.  This allows us to run away or fight.  When the danger is over we recover with rest and food.  This allows the system to be replenished and work correctly.  However, in  today's everyday non life threatening stressors the system is constantly engaged and is never fully replenished or recovered. 

So for many people, stress can mean with each day comes hunger. Added calories from stress eating causes weight gain - Then as they gain weight it just adds to their list of worries. We know that chronic stress can be tied to an increase in appetite causing stress-induced weight gain.   This type of eating usually consist of eating fast foods and carbohydrates - usually simple fast carbs.

Not only do we eat more but to add to the problem is we don't burn these extra calories.  When fighting or fleeing real physical dangers we burn lots of calories, but when stressing about family or work we are not burning those calories or stored fat that we normally would if we were physically fighting or fleeing. For many of us eating becomes the way we relieve our stress.

Eating is comforting for most of us so it is natural that we use eating as a way to self medicate in relieving stress.

This response to stress not only leads to weight gain, but this added weight tends to fat around the middle. These is the dangerous fat that leads to health problems like diabetes and heart disease.

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