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Regain your adrenal balance, naturally — relieve fatigue, sleep issues, weight gain and other symptoms of stress

Do you suffer with

* Low Energy  * Afternoon Crashes  * Wake at 2 to 3 A.M.  * Tired but can't go to sleep  * Crave Salty 

* Caffiene and/or Eating help you feel better  * Can't lose weight around the middle 

It is your adrenals and you need treatment. They can't heal themselves 


When I first came to see Dr. Saylor I was always tired, had terrible afternoon crashes and woke up in the middle of the night. I had seen my Primary Care who ran some test and told me everything was normal. He said it was pobably just stress. I was offered some Zanax. I had a friend who was addicted to Zanax so I knew I didn't want to go that route. After starting treatment with Dr. Saylor in two weeks I was starting to feel better and after a couple of months I was feeling like I thought I should. Even my little aches and pains were feeling better.  A.B. Clearwater

Your adrenals are powerful endocrine glands that help your body react to stress while keeping those reactions in balance. They produce a range of hormones which protect us by releasing energy stores and sharpening our senses so we can immediately defend ourselves or escape an emergency or threat.

In its normal state, your body responds to stressors and quickly recovers to a state of healthy, energized calm. But if you are experiencing chronic or ongoing stress, adrenal function can be disrupted, leading to symptoms of adrenal imbalance.

More than 80% of the people we see at the Clinic fit this profile of adrenal imbalance: they’re fatigued, poor sleep (often unable to get to sleep or stay asleep) and dependent on coffee and unhealthy snacks simply to get through the day.

Your symptoms are your body’s way of asking for more support

Most of us put enormous demands on our bodies that are much more and longer-lasting stress than they are supposed to handle and we don’t give them adequate support.

Chronic stress is especially harmful. Most people on the Saylor Medical Program have demanding jobs, run households, and manage families. They’re parents and caregivers, often for aging family members. Many of these relationships are themselves stressful.

The demands created by a lifestyle where you are always on the go fall most heavily on the adrenals which were not intended to sustain this constant toll. The cumulative effect over many years is enormous and it tends to peak between the ages of 35 and 55. If these stresses are left unchecked they can create serious problems including fatigue, insomnia, sleep disturbances, digestive issues, loss of libido, weakened immune systems, and stubborn weight gain.

Most of us are unable to substantially reduce the level of stress in our lives, so it is absolutely critical that we make sure we give our bodies the consistent support they need. And that’s exactly what we at Saylor Medical Wellness specialize in. We’ve found since 1994 that once you address your underlying adrenal imbalance, your body will return to its natural state of equilibrium.

Our unique holistic approach

In our clinical practice, we have developed a holistic approach that has proved to be successful in supporting healthy adrenal function. It includes:

  1. Exclusive adrenal support formulas, matched to the type of assistance your body needs, to help you find energy and mental clarity throughout your day, boost your immune function, improve sleep and calm your mind, and to help lower cortisol levels.
  2. Our nutritional foundation that conveniently combines essential formulas of multivitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids in the mix and quantities needed. This foundation is your basis for optimal nutrition and wellness.
  3. Eating and lifestyle changes guide which includes easy-to-follow, flexible menu plans to minimize any unnecessary burdens from your diet as you heal.

Since 1994 our medical practice has seen thousands suffering from adrenal imbalance, we’ve learned that our program will resolve even severe symptoms for almost all.

Don’t wait to feel better - Most start to feel the positive effects of treatment within days

Your physiology and life history are unique. Your path to adrenal balance will be unique too. We will help you find what works best for you, and the way you live. If it took you many years to get where you are today, it may take you a few months to get better. But we promise to be here for you every step of the way.

Our Program for Adrenal Health — for the symptoms of stress

Our Program can help you manage the effects of stress by relieving your symptoms and promoting adrenal balance. We’ve created custom protocols to address each specific adrenal profile, with our exclusive adrenal support formulas, advanced nutritional supplements, and practical dietary and lifestyle guidance to maximize your results.

Don't guess at the correct treatment or follow the advise of someone that doesn't have the expertise.

If you have questions and want to talk to a real person — call us at 1-727-938-9966. We offer a FREE 10 minute consultation so you can see if we are the right choice for you.