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Do you have weight loss resistance?
Every day in clinic I see women that are experiencing weight loss resistance. This is the number one issue in weight management for women age 40 or more. It does affect women that are younger also.The level of frustration is almost immeasurable. The good news is there is an answer to this problem. Read on and see how a call to Saylor Medical could be your answer.

What Is Weight Loss Resistance?
Weight loss resistance arises when a woman develops or has a preexisting metabolic imbalance that makes losing weight and maintaining healthy weight extremely challenging, despite her best efforts to eat less and exercise more.

Most of us were taught that that weight management is simply a matter of calorie control and discipline. We have been taught to believe that if you simply stop eating so much and just get more exercise, you can always lose weight. Personal trainers, nutritionists, and even well-intentioned healthcare practitioners relay this message to women every day. Yet there are still women out there who follow this advice, but can't lose weight. Are they lying about what they eat and about how much they exercise? I don't think so. Somewhere inside every woman who has ever been on a diet knows this the myth of calorie control, exercise and discipline is not true and is, in fact, misleading. This well-worn myth causes a tremendous amount of unnecessary guilt and suffering.

I work with women every day who spend hours at the gym, who have personal trainers, who starve themselves regularly, some who have tried other medical weight loss plans, and just can't figure out why they aren't losing weight. Weight loss resistance is extremely frustrating, and often isolating. If this sounds like you, the first thing I want to say is I believe that you are doing everything you can. The second thing is that there is a solution.

The reality is, there may be a metabolic imbalance blocking your weight loss, and once you resolve it, the weight will melt away, stay away, and allow you to maintain a healthy weight.

Real solutions for women with weight loss resistance

Weight loss resistance can occur when you develop or already have a preexisting metabolic imbalance that makes losing excess weight and maintaining your results nearly impossible, even when you are trying hard to eat less and exercise more. You don’t feel good about your weight or appearance, and you don’t feel good about yourself.

How Physiological Imbalances can Cause Weight Gain and Interfere with Weight Loss

When we're totally focused on trying to lose excess weight, it's easy to lose sight of the fact that every system in our bodies is connected. If something becomes imbalanced in one area, it can quickly affect other aspects of health, especially weight.There are three physiological imbalances that we have identified as common obstacles to weight loss in women. To make matters worse, these imbalances are often accompanied by distressing symptoms:

Weight loss resistance with hormonal imbalance: Your hormones and fat cells are key players in a whole-body network that controls your appetite, metabolism, heat regulation, digestion, and detoxification. Any chronic disturbance in the way your body's systems communicate can cause weight gain and other symptoms, like hot flashes, irritability, vaginal dryness, and fuzzy thinking. Fat tissue also produces hormones (mostly estrogen), which raises levels of circulating sex hormones and often leads to imbalances. Then you can gain even more weight while your weight loss resistance intensifies. Resolving hormonal imbalance can turn on your body's weight loss mechanisms.

Weight loss resistance with adrenal imbalance: If you are under chronic stress -  for whatever reason - your body and adrenal glands will work hard to produce enough cortisol to keep you on high alert. High cortisol levels are deeply linked to unwanted weight gain especially around the belly. You may also experience debilitating fatigue, low energy, anxiety, insomnia, and powerful cravings for sugar and caffeine. Providing the right support for the adrenal glands can calm your stress response which tells your body that it's finally "okay" to let go of excess weight.

Weight loss resistance and neurotransmitter imbalance: Brain neurotransmitters help your nervous system talk to the rest of your body. The neurotransmitter serotonin strongly influences how you gain and lose weight. If you don't have enough serotonin, you'll crave carbohydrates and sweets which your body uses to make more serotonin. But this also triggers more insulin production and creates a vicious circle- the more sweets you eat, the more you WANT to eat. You may feel it's your fault, but your body is actually telling you to eat more of the foods that will cause weight accumulation. You may also notice changes to your mood and sleeping patterns. Targeted support for key neurotransmitter production can resolve imbalances and weight loss resistance.

Restoring balance is the first step for women with weight loss resistance, along with healthy eating and a fitness plan you can live with - all elements of our Saylor Medical Wellness Plan. Just imagine, you'll finally be able to lose weight - and keep it off -and you'll get your life back in the process.

Restore Balance First to Lose the Weight Once and For All

Trying to lose weight without success is discouraging. Our philosophy on weight loss is based on what works in our practice for women of all shapes and sizes.

It's next to impossible to lose weight until you restore balance and health- it simply doesn't work the other way around.

If you heal the underlying imbalance that has been interfering with your ability to lose weight, you will be able to achieve and maintain your ideal weight.

Our Saylor Medical Plan is structured so that you can overcome your own physiological barrier to weight loss.

Our Saylor Medical Wellness Program - Naturally Effective, Simple and Proven
The Personal Program for Weight Loss Resistance helps creates the conditions for permanent weight loss. It includes:
1. Targeted phytoceutical and nutriceutical supplementation that supports healthy weight and metabolism, while supplying good quality protein easily and conveniently to assist in maintaining stable blood sugar. 
2. Medical-grade nutritional supplements to ensure a consistent supply of rich nutrients, especially when you are actively losing weight. 
3. Bioidentical hormones, if needed, for hormone balancing.
4. Balancing of neurotransmitters.
5. Diet adjustments, to satisfy your body's real requirements and break patterns that interfere with your ability to lose weight.
6. Lifestyle changes to help reduce the demands on your body so you can achieve long-lasting weight loss and wellness.
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When I was 34, I first joined Weight Watchers and drove myself crazy weighing and measuring every morsel of food I put in my body. I never missed a workout, never cheated with food, and every time I got on the scale, I’d find I only lost a mere half-pound or even gained. I know that Weight Watchers works well for some people, but it didn’t work for me. And now I know it was because I had something called weight loss resistance.