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Adjunctive or Stand Alone Cancer Care

When Cancer Care From Saylor Wellness is Appropriate

* As Complimentary Treatment to Radiation / Chemotherapy

* When Standard Cancer Care is No Longer Available as an Effective Treatment Option 

* When the Patient Makes an Educated Decision to Use Natural Treatment for Treating Their Cancer

Clicking here will take you to information about Acupuncture treatment of cancer side-effects from published medical studies and posted at the National Cancer Institute and is supported by the National Institute of Health.

What Is Integrative Cancer Care?

At Saylor Wellness Center, integrative cancer treatment isn’t a buzzword or a recent trend. It’s what we’ve provided to our patients since 1994.  Dr. Saylor has a Ph.D. in nutritional medicine with his dissertation on the natural treatment of cancer.

Unlike other treatment facilities, at Saylor Medical you will find a comprehensive integrative approach to fighting cancer. Our integrative cancer treatment expands the boundaries of conventional care by bringing together complementary therapies, including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Medical Herbs, Homeopathy, nutritional support, mind-body medicine, natural pain management, and spiritual support.
We are committed to treating all of you—not just your disease. With our unique approach, we aim to fight your cancer on all fronts, and with every available resource.
But it takes more than technology, knowledge and skill to fight cancer. It requires the undeniable power of the human spirit. At Saylor Medical, compassionate personnel play a part of your Cancer care team. Each person is devoted to you and your fight. We abide by a higher standard—the Family Standard of Care. More than a gold standard, the Family Standard reflects the way we would want our own family to be treated if they had cancer.

We work with you to determine the best complementary therapies for you.

Furthermore, we practice patient-centered medicine. This puts you at the center of your care, encouraging you to participate in your treatment decisions.  Patients have responded so positively to Patient Centered Care that they have given Saylor Medical their highest apprasial.

  • Dr. James Saylor- is one of America's top Integrative Functional Medicine doctors. Dr. Saylor's Ph.D. dissertation was on the natural treatment of cancer. 
  • On a personal note - Dr. Saylor's strong interest in providing sucessful, compassionate care is due to losing his mother and oldest brother to cancer. 

You and Your Saylor Wellness Care Team

At Saylor Wellness, integrative cancer treatment is all about effective combinations: convention and innovation; mind, body and spirit, working with your oncologist, and ultimately—you.

We make every effort to understand your unique medical condition, needs and desires. We work with you to develop and implement a comprehensive treatment plan, customized to your unique needs and diagnosis.

Whether you’ve recently been diagnosed and are looking for an integrative cancer treatment program, or you are already undergoing treatment, but want to add to your current plan, call Saylor Wellness to discuss your treatment options. To speak with someone about your Cancer, dial 727-938-9966. 

Dr. James C. Saylor's Natural and Holistic Complementary Cancer Treatments Program